Banking Litigation

In recent years, more and more banks have been engaged in predatory lending, equity stripping and other questionable practices. With a greater number of banks going under, many have been conducting themselves in unsafe and unsound ways — putting borrowers at risk. If you are a borrower who has fallen victim to any of these bad banking practices, talk to the lawyers of Kaufman & Forman, P.C.

Numerous state and federal laws protect consumers from deceptive lending and other banking practices. To find out what protections you have, contact our firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Foreclosure and Predatory / Deceptive Lending

Clients who have received notices of foreclosure come to us looking for ways to keep their properties. A homeowner who was victim to deceptive lending practices or bank fraud may be able to keep his or her property and collect damages. Our firm's attorneys can help you keep your house out of foreclosure and collect compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages. If we cannot stop the foreclosure process altogether, we may be able to delay it, buying you more time to plan your next steps.

Experienced Banking Litigation Lawyers

The lawyers at our firm are experienced in consumer protection involving deceptive lending practices. We have handled several lawsuits on behalf of borrowers against banks. We can help you explore your options and protect your rights against unscrupulous lenders.

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For more information about consumer protection in disputes with banks, contact Kaufman & Forman, P.C., for a consultation.