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At every stage in the life of a corporation, legal oversight and protection mechanisms are essential. A corporation grows and prospers securely when corporate operations are in sync with relevant legal requirements. Corporate representatives often seek legal advice and representation from the experienced lawyers at Kaufman & Forman, P.C.

Move a Corporation Forward With Legal Protections in Place

Contact our corporate law firm to learn how we can keep a corporation on track for success with assurance of solid legal protection in contracts and operations. KF handles a full range of corporate law matters:

Acting as In-House General Counsel for Corporations

The attorneys at KF are prepared to act as in-house counsel for corporations that lack their own staff attorneys. We are well qualified to oversee employment law issues and to ensure compliance with other state and federal corporate laws. Our areas of knowledge and skill in employment law include:

  • Drafting of employment agreements
  • Drafting of employee contracts
  • Drafting and revision of operating manuals
  • Oversight of employer-employee relations
  • Hiring and firing protocol
  • Title VII discrimination claims defense
  • Wage and hour law

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