Policy Manuals/Employee Handbooks

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A well-drafted and thorough employee handbook is essential for the success of any business employer. At Kaufman & Forman, P.C., our experienced employment law attorneys can advise you on state and federal requirements and whether your corporate policies are up to date and in compliance. If you do not yet have a policy manual or employee handbook, we can create one for you that is tailored to your business' needs.

Detailed and Concise Employee Handbooks

At Kaufman & Forman, P.C., part of our employment law practice includes assisting employers with their employee handbooks or policy manuals. Whether you require drafting, reviewing or recommendations on your employee policy, we can assist you with detailed and concise legal advice.

Contact us to talk with one of our experienced Atlanta employment law attorneys. We represent clients throughout the Atlanta metro area, as well as across the state of Georgia.

Importance of Employee Policy Manuals

Both new and current employees must be well-informed of existing employee policies and the employer can often establish significant protections by having written and effective employee policies. This can be done either through a policy manual or employee handbook. We recommend that all employees sign an annual form, indicating they have read and understood the employee handbook. Keeping your employees informed of the employer's policies can help avoid litigation and lawsuits and can be helpful in this litigation if it ever develops.

Employee handbook/policy manual issues include:

  • Sexual harassment policy
  • Discrimination and harassment policy
  • Termination policy
  • Disciplinary guidelines
  • Wage, hours and salary guidelines
  • Vacation and sick leave guidelines
  • Family and Medical Leave Act policy
  • Non-competition and restrictive covenant agreements

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