Family Law

Atlanta, Georgia, Divorce and Family Law Lawyers

At Kaufman & Forman, P.C., we represent men and women throughout the Atlanta metro area, as well as across the State of Georgia in all divorce-related matters, including:


We represent clients in contested and uncontested divorces, legal separation and annulments, and we prepare prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Marital Property Division

We handle division of marital assets, including the marital home, real estate, marital asset and debt division, bank accounts, business interests, retirement accounts, pension plans, stock options, and personal property.

Child Custody

We advise clients on child custody and placement issues, such as visitation, guardianships, legal custody and physical custody.

Child Support

We represent men and women in child support modification and child support enforcement disputes.

Domestic Abuse

We represent men and women in cases alleging domestic abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, where a party seeks protective or restraining orders, or the prevention of stalking or other harassment.


We handle cases regarding the adjudication and legal recognition of parenthood, child custody, visitation, and child support.

At Kaufman & Forman, P.C., we understand that family issues are emotional issues. We work to facilitate an amicable settlement between the parties to a divorce if possible, and vigorously fight to protect our client's interest at trial if a mutually agreeable resolution cannot be reached.

If you have concerns or questions about divorce or other family law issues, contact Kaufman & Forman, P.C., today for a consultation.