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The state of Georgia is ready for new business formation

Many would say that the governor of Georgia has supported and encouraged economic growth in our state through his Georgia Competitiveness Initiative. The initiative is designed to provide a "business friendly environment" for those entrepreneurs looking for a place to start or expand their business. It would seem that these efforts may be beginning to pay off and every aspect of the state's economy indicates that the time is right for new business formation.

The governor seems to have garnered support from both sides of the General Assembly, and everyone is doing their part to foster an environment conducive to business. The president of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce recently outlined some of the bills the General Assembly has passed in connection with the initiative. Some say the efforts of the governor and legislators have significantly contributed to the upswing in population, job growth and financial investment across the state.

Unfortunately, one area that the Chamber of Commerce has noticed to be continually lacking is education. Georgia repeatedly scores low marks when it comes to schooling the next generation. It is hoped that promoting new career paths and involving local businesses will encourage an improvement in this area. The success of a business can depend on the success of the community it calls home.

If everyone from the governor down to the small business owner works together, positive growth and success is likely to follow. In this economic environment primed for new business formation, it can be easy to overlook the nuts and bolts issues involved in starting a business. it is important to remember that every new business venture has to be built on a foundation of both legal and business decisions. Entrepreneurs may discover they need help with licenses, finances, trademarks, business names, contract negotiation and more.

Source:, "State business leader: Georgia's business climate improving," Adam Van Brimmer, June 4, 2013

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