Acquiring Stock, Business Interests or Other Major Assets

When a business or corporation seeks to obtain intangible or tangible assets from another entity, a thorough and detailed asset purchase agreement is essential to the transaction. A knowledgeable and effective corporate law attorney can provide just that.

Stock Purchase and Asset Purchase Agreements

At Kaufman & Forman, P.C., in Atlanta, Georgia, our attorneys have extensive experience in representing businesses and corporations in asset purchase agreement transactions. We represent corporate and business clients in the Atlanta metro area, throughout Georgia, across the nation and worldwide. With strategic partnerships already in place with law firms in China and the European Union, we can get you the legal information you need without delay or undue cost.

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Protecting Your Interests in Financial Acquisitions

When a business merges, purchases stock, or acquires assets, it may also acquire any liabilities. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we help you to be sure that your best interests are protected from beginning to end of the transaction and in the future. Our lawyers will review the contract for you and can help perform due diligence relating to the assets.

Transactions we have handled include:

  • Stockholder/shareholder interests
  • Partnership interests
  • Real estate
  • Business property/equipment
  • Franchises

We can also assist with drafting any offers, letters of intent or purchase agreements. In addition to representing you, your business or corporation during the transaction, we are skilled business negotiators who can render vital assistance in drafting and structuring your asset purchase agreement.

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