Protecting Employees' Rights in Wage and Hour Law

Many employees are unaware of their rights when it comes to overtime pay and wage and hour matters. Being a salaried employee does not necessarily mean that you are exempt from overtime pay. The law tends to favor employees in these matters, so if you suspect your employment rights have been violated, it is worth talking over your situation with an attorney.

Kaufman & Forman, P.C., represents employees in collective actions against their employers. Often, if one employee is having a wage and hour law dispute, many are. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), an employee can file a lawsuit against his or her employer on behalf of him or herself and other employees in a similar situation.

If you believe that your company is violating the wage and hour laws, contact us now speak to a lawyer from our firm.

Have You Been Wrongly Classified as a Salaried Employee?

Just because you are a salaried employee does not mean that you are exempt from overtime pay. We can help you determine your exempt or non-exempt status. If you are determined to be eligible for overtime pay, we can help you seek compensation. Our knowledge of workplace laws such as the FLSA and Georgia wage and hour requirement can benefit you as you seek compensation for unpaid overtime.

Your Proper Employee Classification Is Defined in the Law

Your exempt or non-exempt status will affect many aspects of your employment. One common type of employee misclassification occurs when a non-exempt employee is misclassified as an exempt employee. This often arises because it limits the worker's access to overtime pay.

Another common type is when contractors perform the same work as employees for an extended period. This can lead to people who are legally defined as employees being denied proper wages and benefits.

The proper classification of employees is detailed in the FLSA, yet disputes remain common and the stakes can be high. We can help you understand your rights.

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