Employer Counsel and Representation in Wage and Hour Law

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was passed to address issues related to employment law. Under this act, there are numerous employer regulations regarding wage and hour laws, overtime pay, minimum wage and related matters.

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Defense of Wage and Hour Claims

If an employee has filed a wage and hour claim against your business, our firm can provide you with an aggressive defense. We will investigate the claim to determine whether it is valid, and challenge any evidence used to make the claim. We have significant experience in wage and hour law matters, and are skilled at challenging plaintiffs and identifying weaknesses in claims.

Our firm defends employers in collective actions involving multiple employees. We will work to determine whether or not all employees were similarly situated, which is a requirement in a wage and hour collective action.

We can also represent your company if you are subject to a wage and hour audit by a state or federal administrative agency.

Compliance Counsel for Proactive Employers

Many companies choose to take a preventative approach to employment law matters. Kaufman & Forman, P.C., can assist your company in taking precautions to prevent potential wage and hour claims. We can explain the laws and regulations and assist you with preventative compliance measures. Many wage and hour claims are avoidable. By taking preventative measures, your company could avoid unnecessary conflict and expense in the future.

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