A National Understanding of Non-Competition Agreements and Restrictive Covenants

Employers and employees alike rely on Kaufman & Forman, P.C., for astute counsel and effective representation regarding non-competition and restrictive covenant agreements.

We advise and represent clients not only in Georgia but nationwide and worldwide seeking counsel on U.S. or state-specific law in this area. We have a national practice in this area, with lawyers licensed to practice in several states.

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Recent Change in Georgia Law Regarding Restrictive Covenants

The law has changed relatively recently in Georgia with respect to restrictive covenants in employment contracts. In November 2010, a new statute went into effect, which gives employers more leeway in constructing broader non-compete agreements.

Those non-compete agreements which were signed prior to November 2010 are likely to be interpreted under the old law, however, and our firm is familiar with and experienced in the application of the prior law as well as the new. Any agreements signed post-November 2010 will be subject to analysis under the new law. We can review your agreement to determine your rights.

The Laws Regarding Covenants Not to Compete Differ From State to State

Unlike much of  employment-related law, the standards for  what is and what is not enforceable in non-competition and restrictive covenant agreements differ from state to state. Both Georgia and out-of-state employers appreciate the protection and insight that we have to offer.

Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, in general, may prove difficult to enforce in Georgia. It is imperative that employers with Georgia-based employees or those seeking to hire employees from Georgia tap into the well of our law firm's knowledge and experience in this area.

Affirmative Steps Prevent Trouble Down the Road

KF drafts non-competition and other restrictive covenant agreements, reviews existing non-competition and restrictive covenant agreements and handles negotiations and litigation in connection with challenges or enforcement of these agreements.

In some cases, we assist clients in taking affirmative action by obtaining declaratory judgments from Georgia courts to determine the enforceability of a particular agreement. This strategy has proven valuable for numerous clients.

Drafting, Reviewing, and Blue-Penciling Non-Solicitation and Non-Competition Agreements

KF is uniquely qualified to draft noncompetition and restrictive covenant agreements because our legal experience in this area acts as a perfect complement to our contract drafting skills.

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