Knowledgeable Representation in Franchise Litigation

When a franchise dispute arises, there are numerous state and federal laws your attorney must be aware of in order to properly protect your interests. Franchise litigation involves a specialized area of the law that requires your attorney understand and appreciate all aspects of the franchise relationship and franchise law.

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Representing Franchisors and Franchisees

The franchise litigation team at KF represents franchisors and franchisees in all phases of dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. By representing franchisors and franchisees, we have experience with and insights into all of the facets and interests involved in the franchise relationship. This breadth of knowledge and experience has enabled us to resolve disputes efficiently and cost effectively on behalf of our clients.

Prosecution and Defense of Franchise Disputes

We understand that for franchisees, purchasing a franchise is often more than just a financial investment, it is a life investment. Our franchise litigation attorneys advise franchisees of their potential options and work to help them find the most efficient and cost effective solution to their issues taking into account all of the circumstances. Our franchise attorneys also assist franchisors in the prosecution and defense of franchise disputes. As an initial step, we attempt to work out a resolution without the need for costly litigation. When a matter cannot be resolved informally, we take all necessary and appropriate actions to protect a franchisor's rights.

Protect the Integrity of Your Franchise

We are sensitive to the franchisor's need to protect not only its own financial interests but also the interests of the franchise system as a whole. Our attorneys have a wide range of experience beginning with non-payment disputes but also including quality assurance actions as well as actions relating to trademark misuse. If it becomes necessary for a franchisee to be terminated, we represent franchisors in ensuring that post-termination obligations are complied with by the franchisee. If a franchisor is sued by a franchisee, we vigorously defend the action in order to protect our client's interests.

Enforcement of Franchisees' Rights

KF franchise attorneys also represent franchisees in enforcing their rights against franchisors. Franchising is a highly regulated industry and remedies exist to protect franchisees from franchisors that do not comply with the laws governing the franchise relationship.

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