Were You or a Loved One Hit by a Car While Walking or Biking?

Despite having the right of way, pedestrians and bicyclists frequently are victims of the careless driving of others. The most unfortunate thing about bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents is the severe injuries people typically suffer. Without the protection of a car, bicyclists and pedestrians often suffer serious head and spinal cord injuries.

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The Driver's Liability for a Pedestrian or Bicyclist's Injuries Is Often Clear

When a car or truck driver hits a pedestrian or bicyclist, it is often quite obvious that the accident was the driver's fault. Examples include:

  • Driving carelessly, recklessly or while distracted
  • Accidents in areas pedestrians and bikers frequent, such as residential streets, roads with jogging paths or bike trails, and parking lots
  • Failure to obey crosswalk and intersection laws
  • Collisions with children

A Thorough Investigation and Vigorous Advocacy Even When Fault Is Not Clear

The first thing we do when you hire us is get your version of the accident. After reviewing police reports and talking to witnesses, we will make a determination as to which party was primarily at fault. Under Georgia's comparative negligence law, as long as you were not equally at fault, you may still recover compensation for your losses. We will sit down with you during a free initial consultation to go over the merits of your case.

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