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Copyrights protect a broad range of creative works, including books, songs, computer software, blueprints, video games and websites. Generally speaking, copyrights do not protect ideas, but they protect the expression of ideas. When a copyrighted material is used without the consent of the copyright owner, it may give rise to a copyright infringement lawsuit.

At Kaufman & Forman, P.C., we handle a wide range of intellectual property issues, including those involving copyright litigation. We understand the value of ideas and are committed to helping our clients protect their most valuable creative works.

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Knowledgeable Representation in Copyright Infringement Cases

Copyright infringement cases are brought in federal court under the Federal Copyright Act. Copyright infringement law allows the copyright owner to sue for statutory damages even if the use of the protected material has resulted in no financial loss.

Our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in copyright infringement cases. We are well versed in copyright law as it applies to traditional mediums such as music and books as well as protected materials within the realm of the Internet and e-commerce.

As skilled trial lawyers, we are adept at achieving favorable results for our clients through negotiation or in a trial setting.

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