Protecting Your Business's Creative Works

Copyrighted works are often a valuable component of a business's intellectual property. These assets may even be at the core of your business offerings. When copyrighted work comes into dispute, putting a strong legal strategy into place is essential for protecting not only the work itself, but also the success of your business.

The intellectual property lawyers of Kaufman & Forman, P.C., work as a team to protect your business's valuable IP assets, including copyrighted works. We provide skilled, experienced and cost-effective representation in copyright litigation. Whether you're seeking damages for infringement or defending against a claim of infringement, you can rely on our attorneys' vast litigation experience.

Our firm represents business clients in Georgia, nationwide and worldwide. Using our strategic partnerships across the country and around the globe, we can help your business protect its valuable IP assets no matter where you are located.

We Understand What's At Stake When Your Creative Works Are In Jeopardy

Put simply, copyrights protect the expression of ideas. Copyright protections adhere automatically to certain creative works. These works may be a significant source of revenue, and licensing opportunities can present innumerable business opportunities. Yet, if infringed — or wrongfully alleged to be infringed — they can become virtually worthless, jeopardizing your brand and revenue streams.

We assist both plaintiffs and defendants in copyright infringement suits concerning all types of creative works, including:

For over 30 years, our Atlanta-based firm has helped businesses of every size protect their intellectual property assets, their brand, and their position in the market. We understand the value of your creative works, and we are committed to helping you protect them.

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