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Trade secrets are among the most valuable property your company owns. Keeping trade secrets confidential can mean the difference between a thriving business and a failed enterprise. Trade secrets can take many forms, from client lists to manufacturing processes. A famous example of a trade secret is Coca Cola's secret formula.

When trade secrets are misappropriated, the result can be significant financial harm to the trade secret owner. At Kaufman & Forman, P.C., we handle trade secret misappropriate cases for clients from Atlanta, throughout Georgia and across the U.S. Our intellectual property law attorneys are prepared to protect your rights in this critical legal area.

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Resolving Trade Secret Disputes Without Giving Those Secrets Away

There are many ways in which trade secrets can be misappropriated. One common example is when employees quit working for one company and start working for another — bringing the first company's trade secrets with them.

In other cases, trade secrets may be misappropriated when one company does business with another and key employees become aware of confidential information.

When a trade secret is misappropriated, the plaintiff may seek an injunction, as well as monetary compensation for financial loss. Just as crucial, however, is to make sure your trade secrets don't become part of a public court record.

Our lawyers represent both plaintiffs and defendants in trade secret misappropriation cases, as well as other cases involving the protection of confidential and proprietary information. We can provide you with realistic, effective actions that will protect your trade secrets without exposing them in the effort.

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